Tumble Cubs


A structured class designed to enhance gross motor skills through swinging, jumping & climbing.

Parent Participation.  Choose which class time will work for you. Your child will come once a week to this class. Max of 4 children per class and 1 parent per child. 


Ages: 2 & 3 years


Time: 45 Minutes a week



Price: $67.20+ GST for 4 Classes per month    **Prices are pro-rated for the number of classes in a month


Save 10% off a second class


If you choose to do the year program, monthly payments will need to be set up for the 1st of each month and your child will be registered automatically until the end of June (10-month) or August (12-month). To cancel we require written notice by the 15th to be done at the end of the month.



Price: $146.40 + GST


The 8 week session is only available one time and after the 8 classes your child will be offered to continue with the year program.


**All children must pay an insurance/registration fee. The yearly fee is $45.70. The initial fee for the eight week session is $22.85. The cost is $22.85 to a upgrade to full membership of $45.70 if you want to continue after the 8 week session.  


Schedule: September 2020-June 2021  
Lion's Pride Gymnastics in Victoria BC
Summer Schedule: July - August 2021