Tumble Cats

Just for 3 year olds!  This co-ed class is designed specifically for children 3 years of age! Providing a parent free class for your energetic 3 year old. 

Class starts with a fun game, stretches, followed by structured play on the apparatus based on a weekly theme.

Every child has different abilities and strengths. Your child will be encouraged to try more challenging movements, balances and skills based on their development.  We continue to work on listening and taking turns.  

You will be amazed how independent they can be. 

A minimum of 8 week of Tumble Cubs with a parent is required before a Cats class.  

Max of 5 per class. 


Ages: 3-4 Years


Time: 45 Minutes a week



Price: $69.60+ tax for 4 Classes per month    **Prices are pro-rated for the number of classes in a month

To cancel we require written notice by the 15th to be done at the end of the month.


**All children must pay an insurance/registration fee. The yearly fee is $55 



Schedule: September 2021-June 2022
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