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  • What to wear for classes?
    Athletic attire and bare feet. Long hair MUST be tied back. Your child needs to wear "easy to move their body in" athletic attire and bare feet; shorts and a snug t-shirt, yoga pants and a yoga top or a body suit. Loose T-shirts tend to go over their heads when upside down, exposing their tummy and making it difficult to see. Skirts and skorts can hinder movement and become tangled on equipment. Clothing with zippers, pockets, drawstrings and belt loops can get caught on equipment or coaches and kids fingers. Bare feet are necessary, as socks are slippery on equipment. Hair must be tied back to prevent it from getting caught on equipment or the coach. It is much easier to see what they are doing if their hair is back.
  • What are the rules of the gym?
    * Be on time * Please use the washroom before class starts * Wear appropriate attire - No jeans, No drawstrings, No pockets, No skirts, No baggy clothes * Hair tied back * Follow the rules of the gym - taught to the kids by the coaches * Listen to your instructor * Stay with your class at all times
  • Is my child too young to try gymnastics?
    We offer Tumble Cubs classes for kids as young as 2 years old. This Parent and Tot class is 45 minutes long. If your child is turning 2 in a few months and you feel they are ready to follow a structured class then you can sign up for the class and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, we can refund you your payment or leave the credit on their account for the future. These young athletes learn to run, jump, roll, hang, bounce, play games, practice being patient and taking turns in a structured class with one of our fun coaches. Parents must be within reach of their child and help them with sharing, taking turns, and the rules of equipment use. In order to ensure that each child is properly supervised, there is a max of 1 child for each adut.
  • What is the difference between Lion's Pride Gymnastics and the competition?
    * We have experienced instructors who are continually upgrading their knowledge base through additional ceritification and coaching clinics. * Insurance is purchased through Gymnastics BC and is transferrable to any club affiliated. *Gymnastics BC ensures all of our coaches have clear criminal record checks and all training up to date. * We have a large hassle free parking lot with no time limit * We have handicap parking * We do NOT charge for make-up classes * There is no fee to change to a different class * Our ratio of 8 students per instructor * Our facility is permanently set up with state of the art equipment for both boys and girls * We offer two large viewing areas on the main floor and upstairs * We offer beginner, Advanced, Excel, Pre-Comp and Competitive programs * We have a 70ft foam pit *Lion's Pride is cleaned daily
  • Are there classes for more advanced students?
    Cangym athletes work on the first three badge levels (Burgundy, Red & Tan) while Bronze+ classes are for those working on level 4 (Bronze) and 5 (Purple), Advanced Rec classes for level 6 (Blue) and up. We also offer Excel teams that are by Invitation and allow athletes to perform at 1-3 local meets. Competitive athletes are slectively chosen by our Head Coach.
  • What is the Cangym Program and how does my child receive a medal?
    All children 6+ are enrolled in the Cangym Program. The program consists of 12 levels/colours and has skills increasing in difficulty for each level. The coaches rate the skills based the following criteria: Is the skill performed reasonably, is it recognizable and is it repeatable. The skils for each level are rated as Mastered (3 stars), Learning (2 stars) or Attempted (1 star). Children will receive their report card and badge when they Master their level. The idea being they will eventually have 12 medals that are mastered. The medals run Burgundy, Red, Tan, Bronze, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green and Gold. Trampoline students follow a similar program called CanJump. Highschool students receive a report card and no medals. Cubs, Cats & Lions are presented with medals three times a year but do not receive a report card. Excel and Competitive athletes do not receive testing and instead perform at meets.
  • How do I pay for my child's fees?
    All registration and payment is done online through our iclass pro customer portal. Payments can be set up with with credit card, your banking information or post-dated cheques for the 1st of each month.
  • Can my child do a trial class first?
    Yes we offer trial classes for first time students to see if they will enjoy the class. Please create a new account on our customer portal and add your child and request a trial class in a class with space. You must let u sknow within 24 hours of the trial class if you want to continue in that class. If not there is no charge, if you do then the trial counts as the first class. We do not offer trial classes in September as that is our busy season.
  • What happens if the class I want is full?
    Early Registration for the September-June season starts July 15th and to guarantee a spot, we reccomend registering on the first day. Registration is ongoing and all of our classes have waitlists available when you register and we will contact you when a spot comes available. It is best to waitlist your child for more than one day/time to increase the chances of getting a spot in class. We can't predict how long your child will be on a waitlist as it depends on when children in the class move or cancel. All waitlists and classes are finished at the end of June. You will need to re-register for Summer and September classes.
  • How do I cancel classes?
    All cancellations are required in writing (email) by the 15th of the month to be done by the end of that month. There is no fee to cancel. If you cancel after the 15th, you will be cancelled for the end of the next month. Please see our Cancellation/Closure Policies page for further information.
  • Do you offer make-up classes or refunds for missed classes?
    Lion's Pride offers one free make-up a month for notified absences! We understand that there are times you won't be able to make it to your scheduled class. If you know in advance that you will be missing a class, you will need to submit a future absence through your account. Future absences recorded 3 hours prior to the lesson will receive a makeup token that can be used to register for an open spot in a class of the same level. To record an absence, start by logging into your account. -Under your students name, click "Future Absences" -Once you're on the future absence page, you can select the date or dates that you will be absent from class. -Once attendance is taken the day of the missed class, you will receive a make up token in your account that you can use by clicking on the "Makeups" tab in your account under your students name. This process works best when everyone does their part in recording future absences so that other athletes can have an opportunity to make up a lesson. *Make up tokens expire after 30 days of the missed class. Only one make-up token a month for missed classes. A make up class is not guaranteed. If a future absence is not recorded, you will not receive a make up token. Competitive athletes do not receive make-up tokens.
  • What if I can't find parking?
    We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to beat the drop-off/pick-up congestion. The back of the building also holds multiple parking spots. The FTS building across the street has given us permission to use their parking lot weekdays after 4:30 and all day on weekends.
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