Cangym Bronze +


Have your Bronze Cangym badge or higher? Looking for a challenge. This class will focus on the strength and flexibility, required for the more advanced skills. 


Children are with other's their age and level.  Max of 8 students per coach.


Choose which class time will work for you. Coming 2x or more a week is recommended but not mandatory.


Ages: 8+  / 10+


Time: 1.25 hrs (1x/week) | 1.5 hrs (1x/week)  *recommended coming 2x/wk or more


Price:  1.25 hour class - $98.40 +GST for 4 classes/mo & Save 10% off a second class  

            1.5 hour class   - $115.80 +GST for 4 classes/mo & Save 10% off a second class


**Prices are pro-rated for the number of classes in a month 


Monthly payments will need to be set up for the 1st of each month and your child will be registered automatically until the end of June (10-month program) or August (12-month program). To cancel we require written notice by the 15th to be done at the end of the month.


All children must pay an insurance/registration fee. The yearly fee is $45.70. 


Summer Schedule: June-August 2020

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